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Created by: Tal Anderson and Michael Richey White

Oh, Tal!  Not Today, is the first book in the “Oh, Tal!” series created by autistic actor, Tal Anderson, and Hollywood artist, Michael Richey White. In this beautifully detailed picture book, we are introduced to Tal and the family cat, Winnie.  Tal doesn’t talk much, and does things a little differently than expected, always with Winnie in on the plan. In "Oh, Tal!  Not Today," Tal’s parents discover that their child’s mind works on it’s own path. Things seem one way on the outside, but ultimately, Tal’s imagination, creativity, tenacity, and independence show that intentions may not always be what you think. Tal wins over hearts while confirming that it’s okay to be different, and to do things your own way.


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Hairy Yarns is a narrative serial horror podcast hosted by actors Tal Anderson and Kayla Cromer, and features original dramatic tales inspired by real-life creepy occurrences, legends, and myths. 

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Why Violet Sky?

Professionals at Violet Sky Media provide a unique range of services for beginning writers, actors and filmmakers; all created from a unique and unexpected perspective.  

We have lived what you are living.  We have struggled with the struggles you are facing. We have gone down the same paths you are navigating both right and wrong, and we offer expertise to help you avoid the potholes.


We tell stories... and that is through branding of individuals, and through production of content that supports it. We can provide guidance, or production and post-production for all of your needs, as you need it, and we are happy to help. 

Whether we are giving you advice on the business of acting, self-publishing, or independent contact production we can help you make the most of your personal investment in your career or project.  We also offer branding services specific to your needs as an actor, writer, or filmmaker including graphics, illustration, poster design, and animated graphics. 


Production and Post-Production​

  • Actors Reels

  • Affordable Reel Scene Production

  • Web Series and Short Production

Personal Marketing and Branding​​

  • Actor's Journey Consultation and resource recommendations.

  • Branding Direction

  • Basic Photo and Headshot Retouching

  • Basic Portfolio/Branding Creation

  • Press Kit Design

Production Design

  • Pitch Document Design

  • Book Illustration

  • Graphic Design including Posters, and Press Materials

  • Book Formatting and publication.



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VICKIE ANDERSON :: Producer / Publisher / Graphic Designer

Vickie Andreson holds a BSBA in Marketing and an MBA, and has an extensive  background in branding, and graphic design. She spent 15 years of her professional career working in the Sports Marketing and Development arena for Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, and began managing her daughter's acting career in 2018. 


Through Violet Sky Media, Ms. Anderson looks to provide development and guidance to committed actors wanting to begin a career in film and television, and to help beginning independent creators complete projects in need of her expertise.

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TAL ANDERSON :: Producer / Writer / Editor

Tal Anderson is an L.A.-based professional actor and filmmaker, most known for her roles as Sid in the Netflix series Atypical, and as Gia in Prime Video’s As We See It.  She has been a storyteller since childhood, and was inspired to receive her B.S. in Film before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the industry. As a filmmaker, Tal writes and directs, but her passion is post-production. She is a working freelance editor, and an AVID Media Composer Certified-User, although preferring to work in Adobe Premiere Pro. Tal will be launching the first book of her new childrens book series in 2024. The series of picture books enforce to children and parents that being different and unique is okay.  The books are illustrated by artist Michael Richey White. Tal and Michael met while working together on the Netflix series Atypical.


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