TOOLs FOR Actors

film editing.

custom reels.

actor's materials.



We edit. That's what we do. Which means that we can pretty much edit any small-medium production from a 30-second commercial for your family pizza parlor, to your daughter's Sweet 16 party video, to a feature-length film.


However, we specialize in ACTORS, and the production of acting materials to help actors start their careers. Whether you are a working actor, or just starting out, you cannot develop an acting career without a Reel. Even if you haven't landed a role on an

actual production, but you are TRYING to -- you still need a reel, so casting professionals can SEE what you can do.



Keeping your acting reels current is one of the most


 important goals an actor looking for work should have.


And -- it doesn't have to cost a fortune.


At Violet Sky media, your reels will be edited by experienced film and video editors who are also professional actors, independent film directors, and producers.


Put your future in the hands of professionals who know what casting directors, managers, and agents are looking for.


And we will complete your first reel up to 30 seconds for $50 because we know how important reels are to actors -- and we want to help you make your dreams happen.