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about violet sky media.

Why Violet Sky?

Professionals at Violet Sky Media provide a unique range of services all created from a unique and unexpected perspective.  


We tell stories... and that is through branding of individuals, and through production of content that supports it. We provide production and post-production for all of your needs as an actor and a filmmaker. 


Whether giving you advice on compiling footage for reels,  or on how to use post to complement the story you want to tell, we offer services to creatives to help you achieve your goals. 

VICKIE :: Business Manager/Producer

       Vickie Anderson holds a B.S.B.A in

Marketing and an MBA, and has a

background in marketing, branding,

and graphic design. She spent 15

years of her professional career working in the Sports Marketing and Development arena for Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, both domestically and internationally, and 10 years as a branding and marketing consulting.  She began managing her daughter's acting career in 2018, and has facilitated her career growth and development within the entertainment industry.  In four years her daughter has built a foundation of skills and contacts that has her currently recurring on 2 highly rated television series, guest star roles, VO projects, and several independent short films.


Violet Sky provides other services to help actors build a portfolio and create content to help brand them for success in the industry. 


MAYA :: Writer


Maya Vaughn Patel is an Asian

American writer and creator who is

committed to uplifting diverse

voices through her work. She holds

Master’s in Asian American studies from UCLA, and a BA in Comparative Literature from Colorado College. She recently returned from living in JAPAN, having earned a fellowship position with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET), managed by the government of Japan.  She now resides in San Francisco where she is working on her first novel.

"Violet Sky Media and the outstanding creative ability of their editor brought my daughter's acting career to life! They worked expediently to complete my  projects, were easy to work with, and completed the projects to perfection."                  

                                                         - Sharon Murphy, Producer

"Tal is such a please to work with. She gives directions very easy and I love working with her. She is a real pleasure and such a amazing talent!"  

                                                         - Candice  Carne, Dancer

"The work and the result speaks for itself. Violet Sky is very easy to work with and they makes things happen quickly. I am very happy that now I can step into the international field and show my skills in an important way. If you are looking for someone to make you a new showreel, contact Violet Sky Media.  You won't regret it."                                                                                                                                                          - Marko Salminen, Actor

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