At Violet Sky Media, we love to edit films: shorts, features, narratives, documentaries, promotional videos, you name it. 


We use the latest Apple technology and provide industry standard output in several platforms including AVID Media Composer (certified), Adobe Premier Pro, and Final Cut.  


For small Independent Production Companies we are your dream come true.  We can work remotely and quickly to provide you with professional, and detail-oriented editing of video, and sound.  We also include all SFX, music, color-grading and graphics which makes us a one-stop Indie shop.  


We bill out our post production services at $40 per hour, and provide professional and competitive services to small productions and personal projects alike.  We provide post for all types of video and film productions from acting reels, to films.  We will even edit your daughter's Basketball Reel -- that will hopefully land her a spot on UCONN's Fall roster.


Contact Us to Discuss Your Needs 




EDITING PACKAGES (cost will be quoted based on film length)


A. $4,000-$6,000

  • Full edit of Feature Film (video and sound)

  • Beginning and/or End Credits

  • SFX 

  • Color Grading

  • ($125 / minute on average)

B. $1,000 - $2,000

  • Full edit of Film

  • Beginning and/or End Credits

  • ($90 / minute on average)

C. $500 - $4,000

  • Full video edit (minor sound and color) of Film

  • ($75 per minute on average)




 A. Color Grading: $20 per minute

B. A/E Title Design: $800

C. Sound Effects: $10/min

D. Music: $100 per piece for use.

E. Editing of short scenes for Reels (up to 30sec): $75

F.  All other services  --  Hourly Rate: $75/hour 




A. 30-sec or < Reel (1st time customer Limited Special): $50

B. 60-sec or < Reel: $75

C. Additional per minute or partial charge for Reels: $50

D. Color Correction: $20 per minute

E. Background and SFX to add dimension to clip:

     $10-$50 per minute depending on needs

F.  Add Contact Information to Existing Reel: $20

G. UPDATE Existing Reel (if original done by VSM): $25/hour up to charges above.