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acting reels  

Free Consultation ::

Email Us if you have a question about what footage to gather for an impactful reel.


1st Time 30 Second Mini-Reel ::

In addition to a quality headshot -- you need to showcase your skills to land an agent, manage, or a chance to audition with a casting director.  To do this you need to be able to SHOW them what you can do. We are happy to provide a basic reel for new actors for the extremely low cost of $50.00.  If you take advantage of our free email consultation prior to starting your reel, you will get the most of our services and will end up with a much better quality product.


Standards Actor's Reel ::

Our reels come with one on one consultation, to help you prepare for your reel, gather what is needed, and to execute the message needed to reach your marketing goals.  Motion graphics added to label your projects, or provide contact details to add the finishing touch to your reel.  Invest in your personal brand, and don't let your reels get outdated.  Contact Us about your needs, and let's get started on making your dreams come true! Standard reels are $125 for the first minute and $20 for the run into each additional minute thereafter and include graphics if needed, plus 2 revisions before finalization.



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