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Oh, Tal! Series

Written by Hollywood actress, Tal Anderson, and illustrated by Hollywood artist Michael Richey White, the "Oh, Tal!" series of books was created for all kids who feel a little misunderstood. We wanted to create a series of stories for all the kids out there who feel unheard, and confused by the world sometimes, to let them know that it is okay to think on a different track, and it's okay to be yourself.

Michael and Tal met each other and became friends after both working on the Netflix comedy-drama series, Atypical. They are both actually autistic, so they know first-hand what it is like being a child who is just a little bit misunderstood most of the time.

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"Oh, Tal!  Not Today." is the first book in the 

"Oh, Tal!" series created by autistic actor

Tal Anderson, and Hollywood artist Michael Richey White.


In this beautifully detailed picture book, we are  

introduced to Tal and her cat Winnie.  Tal doesn't talk much, and does things a little differently than expected, always with Winnie in on the plan.


In "Oh, Tal!  Not Today.", Tal's parents discover 

that she has a mind of her own. Things seem 

one way on the outside with her, but ultimately, Tal's imagination, creativity, tenacity, and 

independence, shine a light on her true intentions.


Tal wins over hearts, while confirming that it's 

okay to be different and to do things your own way.

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TAL ANDERSON is a professional actor, filmmaker, and writer. She is an advocate for change, using her voice and unique platform as an autistic actor to support inclusion and authentic representation in Hollywood. She is best known for her work as Sid in the Netflix series "Atypical," but can also be seen and heard in many other productions including, guest-starring in Season 5 of "Magnum P.I." on NBC, and as the English voice of Tina in the Disney Plus series, "Team Chocolate."


Tal has always been a storyteller, and as a child could be seen constantly using her FLIP video camera, or one of her hand-held voice-recorders to record every-day life, or daily performances of stories/scripts she had made up or written. It is this love of imagination that led her to acting and filmmaking as an adult. "Oh, Tal! - Not Today," is Tal's first book. She lives in Los Angeles with her cat Winifred, where they can both live their best lives and be their true selves.

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MICHAEL RICHEY WHITE is an illustrator and graphic artist working in television and film. He has created artwork for many different shows including the art for the character, Sam, on the Netflix series, "Atypical," and has been self-taught, drawing and painting most of his life. He wrote and illustrated the book "Little Hipsters" and continues to illustrate all of the guests for the podcast, "And the Writer Is." He tries to make the time to draw something daily, even if it's just a little doodle on scrap paper. He is autistic and uses his powers mostly for good. 


A quote by Walt Stanchfield has stuck with him over the years: "We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better," but from Michael's own experience, he's rephrased it to, "it takes 100,000 drawings before you make your first good one." Michael lives in Los Angeles with his wife and youngest daughter.

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